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Treatment of Threatened Abortion

Category: Obstetrics or Midwifery

The patient should go to bed, lie down
and remain there, and if possible be not only quiet physically, but also
quiet mentally. The main remedy is opium, and if necessary to obtain a
quick action it can be given hypodermically in the form of morphine.
Otherwise, laudanum may be given by the mouth, twenty drops, repeated
cautiously, every three or four hours as required, or it can be given in
thirty-drop doses combined with a couple of ounces of starch water by the
rectum. Extract of opium in pill form, one grain three times a day by the
month; or a suppository of opium, one grain, may be inserted into the
rectum every four to six hours. After the bleeding and pain have ceased,
the emergency is probably passed; but rest in bed and quiet should be the
routine for one or more weeks, and the patient should always rest in bed
at the usual time of the menstrual period, during the remainder of the

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