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ULCERS. An Eating Away of the Parts, Causes

Category: Diseases of The Skin

Diseases like syphilis,
tuberculosis, leprosy. Disturbances of nutrition, constitutional ulcers,
local conditions. Ulcers are acute and chronic. An acute ulcer is a
spreading ulcer, in and about which acute destructive inflammation exists.

Treatment. Keep them thoroughly clean (aseptic) and use soothing
applications, mild lotions and salve.

Chronic Ulcer. This is one which does not tend to heal, or heals very
slowly. Sometimes such ulcers need to be stimulated like the application
of nitrate of silver and then healing applications. Carbolated oxide of
zinc ointment is a good healing ointment.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. 1. Sores and Ulcers, the Potato Lotion for. "Take the
water you boil potatoes in and in one quart of it boil one ounce of
foxglove leaves for ten minutes, then add one ounce tincture of myrrh to
the lotion, bathe the affected parts with the lotion warm, then keep a
cloth wet with it on the sore, if possible, until cured."

2. Sores and Ulcers, Chickweed Ointment for. "Chop chickweed and boil in
lard, strain and bottle for use." This makes a fine green cooling
ointment, It is surprising to see the relief obtained by this simple

3. Old Sores and Wounds, Healing Ointment for.

"Honey 4 ounces
Spirits of Turpentine 1/2 ounce
Beeswax 4 ounces
Oil of Wintergreen 1/2 ounce
Tincture of Opium 1 ounce
Fluid Extract Lobelia 1/4 ounce
Lard 3/4 pound

Mix by the aid of gentle heat, stirring well at the same time. This is a
very useful ointment for healing wounds and old sores."

4. Sores and Ulcers, Excellent Salve for. "One tablespoon of melted
mutton or even beef tallow while warm; add some spirits of turpentine and
one teaspoonful of laudanum, stir well."

5. Ill-Conditioned Sores, an Old German Remedy for. "Wash or syringe the
sore with weak saleratus water, and while wet fill with common black
pepper. Remarks:--This is a highly recommended German remedy, and has
been tried by my mother with good, results."

6. Sores, Cuts, Antiseptic Wash for; Also Tooth Wash. "Peroxide of
hydrogen. Should always be kept in the house." If you are cut by anything
that might cause infection or if scratched by a cat, in fact wherever
there is chance for infection and blood poison, peroxide of hydrogen may
be used by moistening well the wound with it as soon as you can. As a
mouth wash put a little in a glass of water. Directions usually on the

7. Indolent Ulcers and Boils, Chickweed and Wood Sage Poultice
for. "Equal parts of chickweed and wood sage pounded together make a good
poultice for all kinds of indolent ulcers and boils."

8. Ulcers, Proud Flesh, Venereal Sores and all Fungus Swellings, Blood
Root and Sweet Nitre for. "Two ounces pulverized blood root; one pint of
sweet nitre; macerate for ten days, shake once or twice a day."

9. Rosin 1 ounce
Beeswax 1 ounce
Mutton Tallow 4 ounces
Verdigris 1 dram

Melt the rosin, tallow and wax together, then add the verdigris. Stir
until cool and apply.

Add a few drops of carbolic acid to the above and you will have the
carbolated salve which is quite expensive when bought prepared and under
the manufacturer's label.

10. Sores and Chapped Hands, Sour Cream Salve for. "Tie thick sour cream
in a cloth and bury in the ground over night. In the morning it will be a
nice salve. Excellent for chapped hands or anything that requires a soft

11. Old Sores, A Four-Ingredient Remedy for. "Soften one-half pound of
vaselin, stir into it one-half ounce each of wormwood, spearmint and
smartweed. This is good for old and new sores. My people near Woodstock,
Canada, used this and found it very good."

12. Ulcers and Sores, Carrots will heal. "Boil carrots until soft and
mash them to a pulp, add lard or sweet oil sufficient to keep it from
getting hard. Spread and apply; excellent for offensive sores. Onion
poultice made the same way is good for slow boils and indolent sores."
This makes a very soothing poultice and has great healing properties.

13. Ulcers and Sores, a Remedy that Cures. "To one-fourth pound of tallow
add one-fourth pound each of turpentine and bayberry and two ounces of
olive oil. Good application for scrofulous sores and ulcers." This makes a
good ointment, but should not be continued too long at a time as the
turpentine might have a bad action on the kidneys.

14. Ulcers and Old Sores, Bread and Indian meal for. "Take bread and milk
or Indian meal, make to consistency of poultice with water, stir in
one-half cup of pulverized charcoal. Good to clean ulcers and foul sores."
The bread and Indian meal make a good poultice while the charcoal is
purifying and a good antiseptic.

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Ulcers. Keep them thoroughly cleaned. A mild,
weak, hot solution of salt water is good in chronic, slow healing,
indolent ulcers. Carbolated salve applied afterwards is healing. Sometimes
a stimulating poultice is necessary, like salt pork followed by soothing
salves. If an ulcer looks red and angry, it needs soothing. If there is
any "proud flesh" powdered burnt alum applied directly upon it and left on
for an hour or two is good. Then soothing salves.

Balsam of Peru is good for chronic ulcers. It stimulates them to a little

A salve made by boiling the inner bark of the common elder, the strained
juice mixed with cream or vaselin is a good healing application for

Poultice an irritable, tender, painful ulcer with slippery elm bark.
Repeat when necessary.

Indolent Sluggish Ulcer. This kind needs stimulating, salt solution, or
salt pork applied.

Poultice made of sweet clover is well recommended for ulcers. As before
stated, the active kind should have soothing treatment. The chronic
indolent kind, should be stimulated occasionally and then soothing
applications applied.

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