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WART (Verucca). Mothers' Remedies

Category: Diseases of The Skin

1. An Application for, also Good for
Cuts and Lacerations. "Make a lotion of ten drops tincture of marigold to
two ounces of water and apply." This is also good for severe cuts and
lacerations. It may be applied by cloths or bandages if the case requires.

2. Warts, Match and Turpentine Wash. "Dissolve matches in turpentine and
apply to wart three or four times," This preparation helps to eat them
away and if kept on too long is apt to produce a sore; care should
therefore be taken in using this remedy.

3. Warts, Muriate of Ammonia for. "Take a piece of muriate of ammonia,
moisten and rub on the wart night and morning; after a week's treatment
the wart, if not extra large, will disappear."

4. Warts, Turpentine for. "Rub frequently with turpentine for a few days
and they will disappear. This is a very simple remedy, but a good one, and
worth trying if you are afflicted with warts."

5. Warts, to Remove. "The juice of the marigold frequently applied is
effectual in removing them. Or wash them with tincture of myrrh."

6. Warts, Milkweed Removes. "Let a drop of the common milkweed soak into
the wart occasionally, the wart will loosen and fall out. This can be
applied as often as convenient; here in Canada we do not have to go far to
get a plant."

7. The following is a good application:

Salicylic Acid 1/2 dram
Cannabis Indicia 5 grains
Collodion 1 ounce

Mix and apply to the wart.

Tincture of thuja is very good in some cases when applied daily.

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