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WEN (Sebaceous Cyst. Steatoma)

Category: Diseases of The Skin

A wen varies in size from a millet seed
to an egg, and it is due to the distention of a sebaceous gland by its
retained secretions. They occur most commonly on the scalp, face and back.
They cause no pain, grow slowly, and after they have grown to a certain
size remain stationary for an indefinite time. Sometimes they become
inflamed and ulcerate.

Treatment. Make a free cut and take the mass out. Its covering (capsule)
or sac must be removed at the same time, for if any of this membrane
(capsule) is left it will fill up again. Equal parts of fine salt and the
yolk of an egg beaten together and applied continuously will eat the skin
open and the mass can then be taken out. This is quite painful and takes
several days, while with the knife there is little pain if cocaine is
injected and it will all be over in a few minutes.

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