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Category: Diseases of The Nervous System

This occurs much oftener in men than in women,
and usually between the ages of twenty-five and forty. The predisposing
causes are a nervous constitution, heredity, alcoholism, worry, etc. The
chief exciting cause,--excessive writing, especially when it is done
under a strain.

Symptoms. It usually begins with fatigue, weight, or actual pain in the
affected muscles. In the spasm form the fingers are seized with a constant
or intermittent spasm whenever the person grasps the pen. The neuralgic
form is similar in symptoms but severe pain and fatigue comes with
writing. The tremulous form: In this the hand when used becomes the seat
of the decided tremor. The paralytic form: The chief symptoms are
excessive weakness and fatigue of the part and these disappear when the
pen is laid aside.

Recovery. If taken in time and if the hand is allowed perfect rest, the
condition may improve rapidly. There is, however, a tendency to recur.

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Writers' Cramps. There must be absolute rest of
the hand. General tonics, such as iron, strychnine, arsenic, and cod-liver
oil may be needed to tone up the system.

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