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Category - Accidents, Emergencies and Poisons


Dog Bites (not Rabid)
Poisoned Wounds. Mosquito Bite
Snake Bite
Symptoms Of A Snake Bite
Stings, Mothers' Remedies
Dislocation Of The Jaw
Shoulder Joint Dislocation
Finger Or Thumb Dislocation
How To Take Hold Of A Broken Leg Or Arm
For The Forearm
For The Arm
For A Broken Leg
For A Broken Thigh, Upper Leg
For A Broken Collar Bone
Broken Ribs
A Broken Jaw
Broken Nose
Burns. Scalds
Burns From Acid
Bums From Alkali (like Potash Or Strong Ammonia)
Cuts. Wounds
Punctured Wounds
Rusty Nail Wound, Simple Guard Against Serious Results From
Things In The Ear; Buttons, Beads, Etc
Fits. (convulsions)
In-growing Toe-nails. Causes
Fire In Clothing
Choking. (foreign Bodies In The Larynx)
Things In The Nose. Corn, Peas, Beans, Buttons, Etc
Treatment Of The Drowned, Suffocated Or Electrically Shocked
Schaefer Method Of Effecting Artificial Respiration In Case Of Drowning
To Resuscitate The Drowned
How To Keep From Drowning
How To Find Drowned Persons
Electric Shock, Etc
Bathing In Sewage Polluted Waters Is Dangerous
Aconite. Symptoms
Alcohol. Symptoms
Ammonia. Symptoms
Antimony. Symptoms
Arsenic, Symptoms
Arsenical Poisoning, Chronic Cases, Causes
Atropine. Symptoms
Belladonna, Symptoms
Blue Stone. Symptoms
Blue Vitriol. Symptoms
Carbolic Acid. Symptoms
Chloral. Symptoms
Copper. Symptoms
Corrosive Sublimate. Symptoms
Cheese, Spoiled. Symptoms
Deadly Night-shade. Symptoms
Fowler's Solution. Symptoms
Hydrochloric Acid, Symptoms
Hellebore, White And Green. Symptoms
Iodine. Symptoms
Lye. Symptoms
Laudanum. Symptoms
Mercuric Chloride. Symptoms
Morphine. Symptoms
Nux Vomica. Symptoms
Nitric Acid. Symptoms
Oxalic Acid. Symptoms
Opium. Symptoms
Paris Green. Symptoms
Paregoric. Symptoms
Phosphorus Matches. Symptoms
Potash, Caustic. Symptoms
Poisonous Plants. Symptoms
Rough On Rats. Symptoms
Saltpetre. Symptoms
Santonin. Symptoms
Strychnine. Symptoms
Spoiled Foods. Symptoms
Sulphuric Acid. Symptoms
Tartar Emetic. Symptoms
Tobacco. Symptoms
Wine Of Antimony. Symptoms