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Category - Digestive Organs


Canker Sore Mouth. (aphthous Stomatitis)
Gangrenous Stomatitis
Acute Dyspepsia
Chronic Dyspepsia (chronic Indigestion)
Nervous Dyspepsia
Ulcer Of The Stomach And Duodenum (upper Part Of Bowel)
Cancer Of The Stomach
Bleeding From The Stomach
Neuralgia Of The Stomach (cardialgia, Gastralgia, Gastrodynia)
Diet In Diarrhea
Cholera Morbus (acute Inflammation Of Stomach And Upper Bowel)
Cholera Infantum, Symptoms
Physicians' Treatment For Cholera Infantum
Physicians' Treatment For Vomiting
Appendicitis, Mothers' Remedies
Inflammation Of The Bowels. Mothers' Remedies
Mothers' Remedies For Toothache, Dry Salt And Alum For
Mothers' Tooth Powders
Intestinal Obstruction
Rupture (hernia)
Irreducible Rupture
Intestinal Colic. (enteralgia)
The Liver
Jaundice (icterus)
Catarrhal Jaundice. (acute Catarrhal Angiocholitis)
Gall Stones. (biliary Calculi, Cholelithiasis)
Cancer Of The Gall Bladder, And Bile Ducts. Causes
Circulatory Disturbances Of The Liver. (acute Hyperemia)
Chronic Congestion Or Nutmeg Liver
Acute Yellow Atrophy. (malignant Jaundice)
Cirrhosis Of The Liver. (sclerosis Of The Liver)
Abscess Of The Liver. Hepatic Abscess: Suppurative Hepatitis
The Abscess
Acute General Peritonitis. (inflammation Of The Peritoneum)
Local Peritonitis
Treatment Of The Acute Peritonitis
Tubercular Peritonitis
Ascites. (hydroperitoneum. Abdominal Dropsy)
Ascites Caused By An Ovarian Tumor
Diseases Of The Rectum And Anus
Constipation. Causes
Defective Worm-like Bowel Movement
Deficiency Of The Secretions
Sundry Causes
Prolapse (falling Of The Bowel)
Proctitis And Peri-proctitis
Neuralgia Of The Rectum
Mothers' Remedies. Constipation
Abdominal Massage. (kneading, Rubbing, Etc.)
Copious Warm Water Injections
Constipation Corrections Of Errors In Diet
Itching Of The Anus. (itching Piles) (pruritus Ani).causes
Piles. (hemorrhoids)
Skin Piles. (cutaneous)
Mothers' Remedies For Piles. Sulphur And Glycerin For
Internal Piles. Symptoms
Periproctitis. Abscess Around The Anus And Rectum)