This occurs most often in men from forty to sixty years old. It is not uncommon in children. Cause. It is usually due to drinking of alcohol to excess, especially whisky, brandy, rum or gin. The liver is small and thin; hard, granular, white ban... Read more of CIRRHOSIS OF THE LIVER. (Sclerosis of the Liver) at Home Medicine.caInformational Site Network Informational


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Category - Diseases of The Skin


Acne. (simple Acne)
Baldness. (alopecia). Causes
Bald Patches. (alopecia Areata)
Anidrosis. (lessened Sweat Secretion)
Foul Sweating. (bromidrosis). Symptoms
Callosity Or Callositas
Corns. (calvus)
Carbuncle. (anthrax)
Liver Spots, Moth Patch, Chloasma, Etc
Black-heads. Flesh Worms, Comedones, Pimples, Etc
Eczema. (humid Tetter-salt Rheum-dry Tetter). Definition
Eczema Vesiculosum. (vesicular Eczema)
Eczema Pustulosum. (pustules). Pustular Kind
Eczema Papulosum. (papular Variety)
Eczema Rubrum (red)
Eczema Squamosis. (scaling)
Boil. (furunculus, Furuncle). Causes
Felon. (whitlow)
Ulcers. An Eating Away Of The Parts, Causes
Shingles (herpes Zoster). Definition
Excessive Sweating. (hyperidrosis)
Freckles. (lentigo)
Prickly Heat Rash
Mole. (naevus)
Enlarged Nail. (onychauxis)
Inflammation Of The Nail. (onychia). Treatment
Body Louse Or Clothes Louse (pediculus Corporis)
(pediculus Pubis)
Blister Disease, (pemphigus)
The Itch Disease. (psoriasis) (not Common Itch). Definition
Itch. Common Itch (scabies)
Dandruff (seborrhoea)
Oily Seborrhoea
Wen (sebaceous Cyst. Steatoma)
Ringworm (tinea Trichophytina)
Barber's Itch (ringworm Of The Beard)
Wart (verucca). Mothers' Remedies
Hives, Nettle Rash (urticaria). Causes
Moist Gangrene. Causes
Ivy Poisoning
Physicians' Treatment For Chapped Hands
Frost Bites
Chilblains. (erythema Pernio)
Canker Sore Mouth. (aphthous Stomatitis