In the course of many years' investigation of haunted houses, I have naturally come in contact with numerous people who have had first-hand experiences with the Occult. Nurse Mackenzie is one of these people. I met her for the first time last... Read more of The Ghost Of The Hindoo Child Or The Hauntings Of The White Dove Hotel Near St Swithin's Street Aberdeen at Scary Stories.caInformational Site Network Informational


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Category - Infectious Diseases


Infection And Contagion
Diet In Infectious Diseases
Scarlet Fever. Definition
From Measles
Cough In Measles
German Measles
Chicken Pox (varicella)
Mumps (parotitis)
Whooping-cough (pertussis)
Physicians' Treatment For Whooping-cough
Pharyngeal Diphtheria
Laryngeal Diphtheria, Formerly Called Membranous Croup
Acute Tonsilitis. (follicular Inflammation Of The Tonsils). Causes
Quinsy. (suppurative Tonsilitis)
Influenza (la Grippe)
Corn Sweat
Typhoid Fever
Typhus Fever, (filth Disease)
Smallpox Or Variola
Why Vaccinate
Smallpox Entirely Prevented By Re-vaccination
Who Should Be Vaccinated
Who Should Not Be Vaccinated
When Should A Person Be Vaccinated
Vaccination After Exposure To Smallpox
With What Should One Be Vaccinated
Where Should Vaccination Be Performed
By Whom Should One Be Vaccinated
After Vaccination
Common Appearances After Vaccination
What To Do During And After Vaccination
Make A Record Of Your Vaccination
Lives Saved From Smallpox In Michigan
Vaccination, Symptoms
Dengue. Break-bone Fever, Dandy Fever
Cerebro-spinal Meningitis
Meningitis. Tubercular, (basilar Meningitis)
Tuberculosis. (consumption)
Cervical, Tuberculosis (scrofula)
Pneumonia (lobar) Lung Fever
Toxemia, Septicemia; Pyejmia
Asiatic Cholera
Yellow Fever
Plague (bubonic Plague)
Septicemic Plague
Pneumonic Plague
Malaria Fever
Intermittent Malarial Fever
Remittent Or Continuous Malarial Fever (aestivo-autumnal Fever)
Pernicious Malarial Fever
Malta Fever
Anthrax. (charbon, Wool Sorters' Disease, Splenic Fever)
Malignant Anthrax (swelling)
Lockjaw. (tetanus)
Big-jaw Or Lump-jaw. (actinomycosis)
Gonorrhea (urethritis)
Gonorrheal Arthitis. (gonorrheal Rheumatism)
Hip Joint Disease. (morbus Coxarius)
Knee Joint Disease. (white Swelling)
Leprosy. Definition
Lepra Tuberosa. (tuberculated, Nodulated Or Tegumentary (skin) Leprosy)
Lepra Maculosa
Lepra Anaesthetica. (nerve Leprosy)