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Category - Respiratory Diseases


Physician's Treatment For Night Sweats
Broncho-pneumonia. (acute Inflammation Of The Smaller Tubes And Lungs)
1. Pneumonia, Herb Tea And Poultice For
Physicians' Treatment For Pneumonia
Acute Pleurisy (inflammation Of The Pleura)
Physicians' Treatment For Pleurisy
Abscess Of The Lungs. Causes
Physicians' Treatment Of Abscess Of The Lungs
Night Sweats
Physicians' Treatment For Asthma
Bleeding From The Wind-pipe And Lungs. (haemoptysis)
Physicians' Treatment For Bleeding Of The Wind-pipe And Lungs
Physicians'treatment. For Coughs
Bronchial Asthma. (spasmodic Asthma.) Causes
Mothers' Remedies. 1. Asthma, Raspberry Tincture For Adults
Mothers' Remedies. Dry Cough And Tickling
Chronic Bronchitis. Causes
Physicians' Treatment For Chronic Bronchitis. Preventive
1. Physicians' Treatment For Bronchitis. Sweating Remedy For
Mothers' Remedies. Bronchitis, Camphor And Lard For
Cold In The Chest. (acute Bronchitis. Inflammation Of Bronchial Tubes)
Physicians' Treatment For Croup
Physicians' Treatment Of Child Crowing. Preventive
Croup, Spasmodic
Mothers' Remedies. Croup, Cold Application For
Diet In Laryngitis
Physicians' Treatment For Hoarseness
Hoarseness. Inflammation Of The Larynx. (acute Laryngitis) Causes
Physicians' Treatment For Sore Throat
Physicians' Treatment For Nosebleed
Sore Throat
Deviation Of The Septum (partition)
Nosebleed. Mothers' Remedies
Tumor Of The Nose. (nasal Polypus)
Hay Fever. (rose Cold, June Cold Or Hay Asthma)
Physicians' Treatment For Hay Fever
Physicians' Treatment For Catarrh
Catarrh. (chronic Inflammation Of The Nose, Chronic Rhinitis). Causes
Physicians' Treatment For Colds
Colds. (coryza. Acute Nasal Catarrh. Acute Rhinitis)
The Anatomy Of The Nose