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Burns, Lime Water And Sweet Oil For
Burns, Charcoal For
Burns Or Scalds, Grated Onions For
Burns, An Easily Prepared Remedy For
Bunions, Pulverized Salt Petre For
Blisters From Burns Or Scalds, White Of Egg For
Bites From Insects, Simple Remedies For
Catarrh, Burnt Alum For
Catarrh, Borax And Camphor For
Catarrh, Pure Lard For
Cancer, Yellow Dock Root For
Coughs And Colds, Mullein Remedy
Cough Syrup, An Easily Prepared Remedy For
Constipation, Bran As A Cure For
Constipation, An Old Tried Remedy For
Constipation, An Effective Remedy For
Constipation, Baby, Juice From Prunes For
Cramps, Turpentine For
Croup, Quick Cure For
Croup, Salt Water For
Chapped Hands, An Inexpensive Remedy For
Cholera Infantum, Chickweed For
Dog Bite, Home Treatment For
Drunkenness, Chocolate For
Dropsy, Chestnut Leaves For
Eczema, Lard And Sulphur For
Eczema, Gasoline For
Erysipelas, Antiseptic Wash For
Fishbone, Choking From
Goitre, A Good Remedy For
Goitre, Iodine For
Headache, Lemon Juice And Coffee For
Inflammatory Rheumatism, Salt Petre And Sweet Oil For
Ingrowing Toenail, Home Treatment For
Ingrowing Toenail, A Good Canadian Remedy For
Ingrowing Toenail, Camphor For
Indigestion, Egg Shells For
Inflammation Of The Bowels, A Grandmother's Remedy For
Kidney Trouble, An Easily Prepared Remedy For
La Grippe, Red Pepper Treatment From A Canadian Mother For
Rheumatism, Liniment Sent Us From Gentleman In Canada
Good Liniment
Liniment, Sprains, Etc
Lumbago, Ointment For
Neuralgia, Soothing Ointment For
Pain Or Rheumatism, Tansy And Smartweed For
Pain, Horseradish Poultice For
Pains, Liniment To Relieve
Pain, Vinegar And Pepper For
Palpitation Of The Heart, Salt Baths For
Poison Ivy, Buttermilk And Salt Heals
Poison Ivy, Lead Water And Laudanum Relieves
Poison Ivy, Excellent Cure For
Poisonous Wounds, Ammonia Application For
Oak Poison, Gunpowder And Lard For
Milk Poison, Popular Remedy For
Poor Circulation, Alcohol Rub For
Ruptures, Herb Remedy For
Rheumatism, Mountain Leaf Tea For
Salt Rheum, A Well-tried Remedy For
Snake Bites, Simple Poultice For
Snake Bites, Onions And Salt For
Stings, An Old, Tried Canadian Remedy For
Stings From Nettles, An Inexpensive Remedy For
Stye, Common Tea Leaves For
Splendid General Salve
Scrofulous Difficulties, A Good Remedy For
Sore Eyes, Camphor And Breast Milk For
Sore Throat, Mustard Plaster For
Stammering, A Canadian Mother's Treatment For
Sweating, To Cause
Sweating, To Cause
Splinter, To Extract
Toothache, Benzoin For
Toothache, Oil Of Cinnamon For
Weak Back, Turpentine And Sweet Oil For
Weak Back, Liniment For