Benign Neoplasms Of The Esophagus

As a result of prolonged inflammation edematous polypi and granulomata

are not infrequently seen, but true benign tumors of the esophagus are

rare affections. Keloidal changes in scar tissue may occur. Cases of

retention, epithelial and dermoid cysts have been observed; and there

are isolated reports of the finding of papillomata, fibromata,

lipomata, myomata and adenomata. The removal of these is readily

accomplished with the tissue forceps (Fig. 28), if the growths are

small and projecting into the esophageal lumen. The determination of

the advisability of the removal of keloidal scars would require

careful consideration of the particular case, and the same may be said

of very large growths of any kind. The extreme thinness of the

esophageal walls must be always in the mind of the esophagoscopist if

he would avoid disaster.

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