Bronchoscopy In Diseases Of The Trachea And Bronchi

The indications for bronchoscopy in disease are becoming

increasingly numerous. Among the more important may be mentioned:

1. Bronchiectasis.

2. Chronic pulmonary abscess.

3. Unexplained dyspnea.

4. Dyspnea unrelieved by tracheotomy calls for bronchoscopic search

for deeper obstruction.

5. Paralysis of the recurrent laryngeal nerve, the cause of which is

not positively known.

6. Obscure thoracic disease.

7. Unexplained hemoptysis.

8. Unexplained cough.

9. Unexplained expectoration.

Contraindications to bronchoscopy in disease do not exist if the

bronchoscopy is really needed. Serious organic disease such as

aneurysm, hypertension, advanced cardiac disease, might render

bronchoscopy inadvisable except for the removal of foreign bodies.

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