Chronic Back Pain

Barry was a carpenter who couldn't afford to lose work because he

was unable to bend or twist or lift. He frequently had bouts of

severe back pain that made working almost impossible. Upon analysis

by biokinesiology I found that he had a major problem with large

intestine weakness and secondarily, adrenal weakness.

Constipation frequently causes back pain. The muscles of the back

have nerve pathway connections to the large intestines; weakness in

the intestine causes weakness of the back and makes it prone to

injury. But the problem is the intestine, not the back. And the only

way to make the back stay better is to heal the intestine. Many

athletes have very similar problems. For example, they get knee

injuries and think there is something wrong with their knee. Or they

get shoulder injuries and think their shoulder is weak. These people

are only half right. Yes, their knee or their shoulder is weak. But

it could become strong and almost uninjurable if the underlying

cause of the weakness is corrected.

The knee for example, has nerve pathway connections to the adrenal

glands and kidneys. The shoulder has similar connections to the

thyroid. The foot is weakened by the bladder. The treatment should

first be on the weakened gland or organ and secondarily, on the

damaged muscle tissue. I have solved numerous sports-related knee

problems with protomorphogens for the adrenals and elimination of

food allergies that make the adrenals work overtime. I have fixed

bad shoulders by rebuilding the thyroid.

In Barry's case, it was the intestine. I asked him about his bowel

function and he said that he was never constipated, had "a daily

bowel movement without a lot of straining." But having given some

6,000 colonics, I knew better. There should have been no straining;

Barry was trying very hard to be regular--he should not have had to

effort. Fortunately, it struck him as true that he needed to

detoxify and I managed to convince him to water fast. He probably

figured, why not since he couldn't work anyway. Barry was a tall,

skinny man to start with and you would think he hardly carried any

fat at all, but he fasted on water for 30 days, receiving a colonic

every day, while I did bodywork on his damaged back. He sure was

constipated and couldn't deny the evidence that floated by through

the sight tube of the colonic machine. By the end of the fast his

colon was fairly repaired and free of old fecal material. And Barry

had become a tall, gaunt-looking guy who had lost about 20 pounds

you wouldn't think he had to spare.

After a few weeks of careful weaning back on to food, Barry felt

pretty good, terrific even. He had no back pain and found out for

the first time what not being constipated meant. It no longer took

"not very much effort" to move his bowels; they moved themselves.

That was ten years ago. A few months ago, Barry looked me up, just

to say thanks and to let me know that he had not had any more back

problems and had generally felt good because he had more or less

stayed on the improved diet I had instructed him about during his


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