Diet For The Acutely Ill

The acutely ill person experiences occasional attacks of distressing

symptoms, usually after indiscretions in living or emotional upsets.

They have a cold, or a flu, or sinusitis, or a first bout of

pneumonia, or a spring allergy attack. The intense symptoms knock

them flat and force them to bed for a few days or a week. If they

are sick more often than that, they are moving toward the

chronically ill category.

People who are acutely ill should stop eating to whatever extent

that they are able until the symptoms are gone. During an acute

illness, the appetites is probably pretty dull anyway, so why not

give a brief fast on water or fruit juice a try.

Most acute conditions are short in duration, usually not lasting

more than a week. Allergy attacks, some types of flu, and a first

bout of pneumonia may well last for three weeks or a month. The

general rule is to eat as little as possible until the symptoms have

passed, self-administer colon cleansing, even if you have a horror

of such things, and take vitamin supplements, including megadoses of

Vitamin C, bioflavinoids, and zinc. (See the chapter on vitamins.)

Those having a little experience with natural medicine make teas of

echinacea, fenugreek seeds and red clover and quit eating. Eating as

little as possible can mean only water and herb teas, only vegetable

broth, only vegetable juice or non-sweet fruit juice, even only

cleansing raw foods. If you eat more than this you have not relieved

your system of enough digestive effort.

After your symptoms are gone it is very important to change your

life-style and improve your diet so that you aren't so toxic and

don't have to experience an acute illness several times a year when

your body is forced to try an energetic detox.

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