The lodgement of foreign bodies in the esophagus is

influenced by:

1. The shape of the foreign body (disc-shaped, pointed, irregular).

2. Resiliency of the object (safety pins).

3. The size of the foreign body.

4. Narrowing of the esophagus, spasmodic or organic, normal, or


5. Paralysis of the normal esophageal propulsory mechanism.

The lodgement of a bolus of ordinary food in the esophagus is strongly

suggestive of a preexisting narrowing of the lumen of either a

spasmodic or organic nature; a large bolus of food, poorly masticated

and hurriedly swallowed, may, however, become impacted in a perfectly

normal esophagus.

Carelessness is the cause of over 80 per cent of the foreign bodies in

the esophagus (see Bibliography, 29).

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