It is essential for the welfare of the patient, especially after a

long illness before the complication of endocarditis could occur,

and in rheumatic fever, in which all meat and meat extractives have

been kept from the diet, that small doses of iron should be

administered daily. Not only the fever process, but also the

salicylic acid tends to prevent the healthy normal growth of red

corpuscles. and such patients suffering from rheumatism are often

seriously anemic after the aente inflammation has ceased. The iron

administered may be 5 drops of the tincture of the chlorid, in

lemonade or orangeade, twice in twenty-four hours (and it should be

remembered that lemon and orange burn to alkalies in the system and

do not act as acids); or 0.1 gm. (1 1/2 grains) of reduced iron in

capsule twice in twenty-four hours, or a 3 grain tablet of

saccharated ferric oxid (Eisenzucker) twice in twenty-four hours.

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