Irritable Bowels

Some peoples' lives don't run smoothly. Jeanne's certainly didn't.

She was abandoned to raise three little kids on welfare. Her college

diploma turned out to be useless. Jeanne used to help me at Great

Oaks in exchange for treatment. During those early years she had

done a 30 day juice fast with colonics. Twenty years later at age

60, having survived three children's growing up, surviving the

profound, enduring loss of one who died as an adult, after starting

up and running a small business that for many years barely paid its

way, and experiencing an uninsured fire that took her house, she

began to develop abdominal pains the doctors named "irritable bowel

syndrome" or "colitis." The MD offered antibiotics and

antispasmodics but Jeanne had no insurance, the remedies were

unaffordable. She also retained considerable affinity for natural


Prior to these symptoms her diet had been vegetarian, and had

included large quantities of raw fruits and vegetables and whole

grains. But the bran in bread was irritating to her bowels, she

could no longer digest raw vegetables or most raw fruit.

Jeanne's vital force was low; her healing took time. She started on

a long fast supported by powdered vitamins, vegetable broth and herb

teas, but after three weeks was too weak to do her own enemas at

home and could not shop for vegetables to cook into broth. So she

had to add one small serving of cooked vegetable per day, usually

broccoli or steamed kale. This lasted for one more week but Jeanne,

having no financial reserves, had to return to work, and needed to

regain energy quickly. Though not totally healed, she progressed to

a maintenance diet of cooked grains and vegetables and food

supplements, very much like a Macrobiotic diet. She felt better for

awhile but wore down again after another stressful year.

Her abdominal pains gradually returned though this time she noticed

they were closely associated with her stresses. About one year after

ending her first fast, as soon as she could arrange to take time

off, she began another. This time to avoid extreme weakness, she

took vegetable broth from the outset, as well as small amounts of

carrot juice and one small serving of cooked vegetable a day for

three weeks. Again, this rest allowed the digestive tract to heal

and the pain went away. She returned to her Macrobiotic diet with

selected raw foods that she could now handle without irritating her


She was now healthier then she had been in many years. With improved

energy and a more positive attitude, Jeanne returned to University

at age 65 and obtained a teaching certificate. Now she is making

good money, doing work she enjoys for the first time in 35 years. I

hope she has a long and happy life. She is entitled to one!

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