CANKER SORE MOUTH. (Aphthous Stomatitis

This is a variety of
inflammation of the mouth where there are one or more vesicles (cankers)

upon the edges of the tongue, the cheek or the lips.

Causes. They are most common in children between two and six years of

age; but are not rare in adults. Predisposing causes are spring and

autumn, tuberculosis, teething, poor nutrition, stomach and bowel


Symptoms. The vesicles soon rupture and leave the ulcer (canker). There

may be a few or many, pin-head or split pea in size, along the edges of

the tongue, inside the cheeks. They are very tender.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. 1. Canker Sore Mouth, Raspberry Leaf for. "Infuse a

handful of raspberry leaves in a half pint of boiling water for fifteen

minutes; when cold strain and add two ounces tinc. of myrrh, rinse the

mouth with a little of it two or three times a day, swallow a little each

time until relieved. This is also good for spongy gums, loose teeth, bad

breath and for gently correcting and cleansing the stomach."

2. Canker Sore Mouth, Oak Bark Tea for. "Red Oak bark, a little salt and

pepper." The bark should be boiled down to make a good strong tea,

according to age of person. The salt has an astringent effect upon the

mouth and is also a good antiseptic. The pepper should not be used when

the parts are very red and inflamed. It should be used only when they are

rather sluggish.

3. Canker Sore Mouth, Boracic acid for. "Rinse the mouth with a solution

of boracic acid and put some of the dry powder on the canker," This is a

very good remedy as the boracic acid is a good antiseptic and is

especially good for children and mild cases of canker sore mouth.

4. Canker Sore Mouth, Canker Weed Tea for. "Apply canker weed found in

the woods. A small plant with dark green leaves spotted with white." Make

a tea of the canker weed by steeping it, then strain and apply to the

affected parts. This is a very good remedy.

5. Canker Sore Mouth, Honey and Borax for. "Honey and borax used as a

mouth wash or swabbing is excellent." The honey is very soothing and the

borax is a good antiseptic.

6. Canker Sore Mouth, Wild Turnip for. "Dried wild turnip grated fine and

put in mouth. I know this is excellent."

7. Canker Sore Mouth, Alum for. "Take a piece of alum, rub on the canker


8. Canker Sore Mouth, Borax Water for. "Rinse the mouth well with a weak

solution of borax water, then put a little dry borax on the canker. They

will generally heal after one or two applications."

9. Sore Mouth, Common and Effective Remedy for. "Make an infusion of

sumach bobs (not the poison ones, of course). Good for sore throat when

used as a gargle and a little swallowed frequently." This is a very

effective remedy and is also good for sore mouth.

10. Sore Mouth, Shoemaker Root and Borax good for. "Take the inside bark

of shoemaker root and steep it; strain, add a little borax; have known it

to take off canker where doctors failed." If the above cannot be secured

make a tea from common strawberry leaves. You can use this for a baby by

swabbing the mouth, and I have known some mothers to throw in a small

piece of alum making it stronger for an older person.

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