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Acetic Acid

Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

is a most efficient remedy applied to old irritable _varicose ulcers_ on

the limbs of females who have suffered from _Phlegmasia Dolens_, (milk


It may be applied as a wash to the part once or twice a day at the

strength of 1-20th of the acid with water, or in the form of good cider


The manufactured vinegar of the cities does _not_ usually contain acetic


ARUM TRIPHYLLUM is a specific to allay the inflammation and excessive

pain in _scrofulous swellings_ of the neck, (_Kings Evil_.) The pure

drug in powder, wet with warm water, or the green root bruised so as to

form a poultice, is to be applied over the swelling. It soon discusses

the swelling, or if pus has already formed, allays the the pain, and

brings the pus to the surface, and if continued, disposes it to heal


BAPTISIA TINCTORIA applied as a poultice either in the powdered drug, or

with some other substance wet with the infusion or _tr._, _arrests

gangrene_ in a short time. It is especially useful for threatened or

actual gangrene arising from _lacerated_ wounds or scalds with wounds,

as in accidents connected with the explosion of steam boilers; when we

often have scalds and lacerations in the same wound.

HYDRASTUS CANADENSIS used as a gargler in a putrid state of the throat

in malignant _Scarlet fever_, arrests the destructive process _at once_.

It is also a most excellent application for inflamed eyes in the second

or sub-acute stage.

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