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Armpit Swelling

Sources: Papers On Health

Often this comes as the result of a chill, or of

enfeeblement of the system from various causes. In the early stage,

such a swelling should not be treated so as to develop a sore.

Treatment with iodine is to be avoided.

The first thing, in this early stage, is to increase vital action in

the part, and also in the whole system (see Abscess). Moist heat is

to be applied. Make a BRAN POULTICE (see), which sh
uld come right

round from over the spine, over the swelling, and over the whole

shoulder. Let this be kept hot for an hour at least. If it can be thus

applied twice a day without too much fatigue, do so. If the swelling

softens and becomes less under this treatment, a few cold cloths may be

applied to brace the part and aid its vitality. Do not, on any account,

make the patient shiver. If the swelling increases and becomes

discoloured, keep to the hot treatment until it bursts and discharges.

For treatment then, see Abscess; Wounds.

During all this treatment the whole back should be gently rubbed daily

with warm olive oil for half an hour, if as much can be borne.