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Sources: Papers On Health

The following treatment will be found effective to heal less

severe forms of boils, by soothing the whole fevered system of nerves,

and stimulating the skin in its getting rid of waste material.

Begin, then, by thoroughly soaping the head (see Head, Soaping). Go

to the back next, and soap similarly. The same process may, if desired,

be carried over the whole body to the very tips of the fingers and

n a delicate case, do this in portions so as not to run any risk

of exposing the patient too much.

Lay on the boil, after the soaping, and while the patient is under its

soothing influence, a large piece of thickly folded flannel, or a small

sponge, squeezed out of water as hot as the patient can bear. Continue

this, with frequent re-heating of the application for a

quarter-of-an-hour, then allow the patient to rest.

When you have soaped a patient as we have described, say twice, it is

necessary to wash off the particles that may remain on the skin with

white vinegar or weak acetic acid. Then, if you have overcooled with

the soap and acid, it will be well to rub over with warm oil. By these

simple methods of treatment you will banish all tendency to boils. You

will change great suffering into comparative comfort, not only without

expenditure of strength, but in a way in which you add vigour to the

whole frame. One very great advantage of this treatment is that you do

not need to move the patient in any distressing way. If you have only

tact and gentleness of touch, you can do all that we have described

without causing one moment's distress. The severe form of boil known as

Carbuncle is very dangerous, and in such cases good surgical aid is

necessary, in addition to above treatment (see Diet).