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Sources: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

Cancers take on a variety of forms, distinguished by different names;

but since they all require substantially the same electrical treatment,

it is unnecessary here to describe them.

Begin with the A B current in pretty full volume. [The volume of the

current is increased by increasing the quantity of battery fluid.] Use

this for several weeks, and then change to the A D current. Treat

daily. The time for
each treatment must be determined by the judgment of

the practitioner; varying it according to the peculiar character and

location of the disease.

If the cancer be on the face, or on any part of the head or breast,

place P. P. on back of neck; but if it be in the stomach, uterus, or any

of the abdominal viscera, place P. P. on spine, a little higher than the

affected part. Then treat the disease with N. P., long cord, so as to

run the current immediately out from the lesion, and yet bring the

latter on the negative side[E] of the central point in the circuit;

that is, within the negative half of the whole circuit.