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Sources: Papers On Health

Is simply an inflammation due to impurity of the blood. These

impurities arise from bad air or wrong food, and remain in the body

till a chill of some kind or other forces the blood and the impurities

with the blood to some part, resulting in inflammation. Catarrh in the

mucous membrane, connected with respiration, is commonly called a

"cold," and is decidedly infectious (see Air). A cold must be

regarded as an effort
f Nature to get rid of these impurities.

Breathing of fresh, even cold air, will expedite, not hinder the cure.

Washing the hands and face in cold water, and drying vigorously, will

often cure it when beginning as "cold in the head." Cold, applied in a

certain way, cures the after effects of chill, but it must be so

applied as only to affect the part to which it is applied, while the

general heat of the body is kept up. Catarrh may occur in any internal

membrane of the body. If these can be reached, as the nostrils, or even

the bowels, may be by syringing, then nothing is better to effect a

cure than cool water and vinegar, or weak acetic acid. Brush the

nostrils often with this, and cold in the head will soon be cured. It

can be applied still better by means of a nasal douche. Syringing the

bowels with this cool acid mixture in the more serious catarrh of these

will also cure. Patient perseverance is wanted, however, in the latter

case. Get also the external skin to act thoroughly. Where the cause of

internal catarrh is exhaustion, through overwork or worry, the cause

must be removed. Let the sufferer learn trust in a living Heavenly

Father, and cast all burdens upon Him, and the physical treatment will

have a fair chance to cure. See Breath and Skin.