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Complications Following Esophagoscopy

Sources: A Manual Of Peroral Endoscopy And Laryngeal Surgery

These are to be avoided in

large measure by the exercise of gentleness, care, and skill that are

acquired by practice. If the instructions herein given are followed,

esophagoscopy is absolutely without mortality apart from the

conditions for which it is done.

Injury to the crico-arytenoid joint may simulate recurrent paralysis.

Posticus paralysis may occur from recurrent or vagal pressure by a

misdirected esophagoscope. These conditions usually recover but may

persist. Perforation of the esophageal wall may cause death from

septic mediastinitis. The pleura may be entered,--pyopneumothorax will

result and demand immediate thoracotomy and gastrostomy. Aneurysm of

the aorta may be ruptured. Patients with tuberculosis, decompensating

cardiovascular lesions, or other advanced organic disease, may have

serious complications precipitated by esophagoscopy.