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Sources: Papers On Health

For an ordinary convulsive attack in the case of a child,

hold the child's head over a basin and pour tepid water (blood heat, 98

deg. F.) over the head. This will usually be sufficient. If not, seat

the child in a bath of hot water nearly up to the waist. If bad,

indigestible food causes the fit, give teaspoonfuls of hot water every

few minutes for some hours. If the case is obstinate, a BRAN POULTICE

(see) may be put over the lower back, and cold towels gently pressed

over the stomach and bowels.

Fits from children's teething are more troublesome. They may often be

prevented by placing a compress wrung out of cool water along the spine

while the infant is warm in the cradle, and changing it so as to

maintain the cooling effect. A handkerchief folded eight ply does very

well. Four or five changes may be sufficient. Rub with a little warm

oil when the cloth comes off. If the fits do come on, treat as above

directed for fits from indigestion.