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Croup Less Serious Form

Sources: Papers On Health

The less serious croup proceeds from a

nervous closing of the windpipe, the attack being brought on by any

causes of irritation in the nervous system. In this case, when the fit

reaches a certain stage, the throat opens, and breathing proceeds as

usual. This croup is a cramp of the windpipe; the cramp is caused by an

irritation of the nerves controlling it, which are already in a

condition to be easily irritated. The c
re is to apply cooling cloths

to the spine. Take the child warm in bed in the morning, and rub the

little back with warm olive oil. Ring out a towel of cool, not quite

cold, water; fold this into a narrow compress, and place it along the

spine; place a dry towel above it and wrap up warm. Change for a fresh

cool towel in two or three minutes. If the child falls asleep on this,

leave him till he wakes voluntarily. Rub the back again with oil before

dressing. The cooling may continue for an hour or so. If this treatment

fail, the child may be given medicine to produce vomiting, which

frequently relieves. Before putting to bed at night wash the child all

over with plenty of M'Clinton's SOAP (see), dry and rub over with

warm olive oil. Continue this treatment for some days.