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Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

This disease consists in a looseness of the bowels, generally

accompanied with pain in the abdomen, more or less severe. It sometimes

occurs without pain, but is _then_ attended with a sense of weakness,

and a general feeling of uneasiness. It prevails mostly in the warm

seasons, but may occur at any time. It is not usually considered a very

dangerous affection, except during the prevalence of _Cholera_, or in

during hot weather.


_Veratrum_ and _Phos. acid_, given alternately, at intervals, as

frequently as the discharges from the bowels occur, will generally be

sufficient. If there is nausea or vomiting, or cramping pains in the

bowels, give _Ipecac_ in alternation with one or both the former. If

thirst and a burning of the stomach or bowels exist, use _Arsenicum._

This last medicine may be given in alternation with either of the

others, but is most frequently indicated in connection with _Veratrum._

The intervals between the doses should be regulated by the frequency of

the evacuations in all cases, lengthening them as the evacuations become

less frequent, until they cease. In _children_, where the discharges are

greenish or slimy, and contain undigested food, give _Chamomilla_ and

_Ipecac_ alternately, as above directed. If the discharges are dark, or

yellow, with distress in the stomach, give _Podophyllin._ The dose is

from 3 to 6 pellets. In all cases of diarrhoea, adults should abstain

from all kinds of food until cured, if possible, and eat but little at

first, when food is taken. Children should be fed carefully, and but a

small quantity at a time, being particular both for adults and children

to use as little _liquid_ as possible; drink water in _small_

quantities, not very cold. Avoid exercise, and lie on the back quietly,

when that is practicable. In a large majority of cases, _Veratrum_, if

given in the early stages of the disease, will arrest it at once, and in

many chronic diarrhoeas of weeks or months standing, it is the surest

remedy. In chronic diarrhoea of females, _Podophyllin_ should be used

in alternation with _Veratrum_.