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Diet For The Lean

Sources: Papers On Health

To a large extent the preceding article will

suggest what is suitable here, remembering, however, that regular

exercise will be also necessary in order to enable the muscles to

increase in size. Green vegetables and fruits should be largely used in

addition to the carbonaceous foods, as their FOOD SALTS (see) are

necessary to keep the blood in a condition to allow of proper

assimilation. In the case of nervous and consumptive patients, the more

digestible forms of fat, such as cream and butter, are to be

recommended. Some thin people do not seem able to assimilate much fat.

These cases will do better on a smaller quantity. Remember always that

it is not what is eaten, but what is assimilated, that goes to increase

the weight, therefore if any particular food is found, after a careful

trial, to constantly disagree, it must be accepted that for that one at

all events, it is not a suitable article of diet.