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Dripping Sheet Substitute For The Half-bath

Sources: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

To apply the _dripping sheet_, a tin bathing hat or a large wash-tub is

placed near the patient's bed, and a pail of water on the brim of the

hat, or close by the tub. Dip a linen sheet into it, and leave it there

till you wish to take the patient out of his pack, but dispose it so

that you can easily find the two corresponding corners. As soon as the

patient steps into the hat or tub, seize the sheet by these corners and

/> throw it over his head and body from behind, and rub him all over, head

and all, whilst somebody else is supporting him, or whilst he is

supporting himself by taking hold of one of the bed-posts. When the

sheet becomes warm, empty part of your pail over the patient's head, by

which means the water in the sheet is renewed, and rub again. Then

repeat the same operation, and when all your water is gone, before the

body of the patient is sufficiently cool, take water from the hat or tub

and use it for the same purpose, till he is quite cooled down. Then dry

him with another sheet, or a towel, and put him to bed again, if