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Eyes Paralysis Of

Sources: Papers On Health

The partial paralysis of the muscles of one eye

produces double vision, so that the patient sees two similar objects

where there is only one. This double vision is often, however, the

result of stomach derangement. If so, it may soon pass away. The true

paralysis is more persistent. To cure this, rub the entire skin of the

head gently and steadily with the hands and finger-tips (stroking

always upwards) for some fifteen minutes. Then apply cold cloths to

the eyes as already directed. If the cold cloths are uncomfortable, hot

ones should be tried. Do this for fifteen minutes also. Continue

alternately for an hour twice or three times a day. We have known one

such day's treatment remove the double vision entirely, and no

relapse occur, but in most cases the treatment must be persevered in

and returned to until the paralysis is overcome.