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Food And Mental Power

Sources: Papers On Health

Unsuitable or ill-cooked food has a most

serious effect on the mental powers; and when we take the case of a

mental worker, we see that, in order to carry this power right on

through a long life, proper diet is of great importance. Also many good

mental workers are more sensitive than ordinary men: they are more

easily destroyed by strong drink or opium. The nip of brandy, the

soothing draught, are terrible dangers to
uch. Instances of brain

power continued far into old age are always lessons in plainness of

diet and temperance. One such temperate man will do as much work as ten

who are luxurious eaters, tipplers, and smokers. Diet for mental

workers should be light and easily digested, with a preponderance of

proteid food (see Diet). Rich, tough and fatty foods, and hot

stimulating drinks should be avoided. As mental work is generally

sedentary work, and consequently having a constipating tendency, some

of the vegetable foods giving a stimulus to the muscles of the

intestines should form a part of the diet, such as green vegetables,

fruits, and oatmeal.