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Food In Illness

Sources: Papers On Health

Light, easily digested food is of the first

importance in many illnesses. To know easily procured and simple foods,

which are really light, is a great matter. Saltcoats biscuits (see

Biscuits and Water) form one of the best and most nourishing foods. So

does oatmeal jelly, prepared by steeping oatmeal in water for a night,

or for some hours, straining out the coarse part, and boiling the

liquor until it will become jelly-like when cold. Oatmeal steeped in

buttermilk for a time, and then moderately boiled, makes an excellent

diet. Wheaten meal or barley meal may be used for these dishes instead

of oatmeal, according to taste. Many other dishes, with rice,

arrowroot, sago, etc., will suggest themselves to good cooks; but for

sustaining the invalid and producing healthy blood, none surpass those