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Sources: Papers On Health

Some most distressing troubles come as the result of frights.

In many cases much may be done to relieve such troubles, which arise

from severe shock to the brain and nervous system. The results may be

very various--from mere stomach troubles to paralysis--but the cure in

all cases lies mainly in giving fresh energy to the nervous system.

If a blanket fomentation is placed all up and down the back, over a

ubbing of warm olive oil, and the excited person is laid on that, one

good step will have been taken in the way of restoration. Then this may

be aided by cool cloths very cautiously laid over the stomach and

bowels, so as to cool in front, while heat is given at the back. This

will be specially desirable if the heat at the back is rather high.

When the blanket loses its heat it need not be taken off, but a

poultice of bran, highly heated, may be placed under it, so that the

heat from the bran may come gradually and comfortably through, and pass

into the body in that gradual way. So soon as a sense of genial comfort

spreads over the back, it will be found that a right state is stealing

over the organs that were threatened by paralysis through the alarm.

The defect very soon disappears.