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Glands Swollen

Sources: Papers On Health

This is a very common trouble, especially in the

young. To restore the skin to healthy action is the first important

matter. This may be done by bathing the feet (see Bathing the Feet)

until free perspiration ensues, wrapping the patient meanwhile in a

warm blanket. Dry well, and sponge with hot vinegar and water; dry

again, rub with hot olive oil, and put to bed. As a diet, Saltcoats

biscuits and water for some time h
ve of themselves formed a complete

cure (see Biscuits and Water). The comfort of the patient will

regulate the amount of bathing. Do this every night for a fortnight,

except on the Sabbath (when rest from all treatment seems best). If the

swelling be slight, two days' treatment may cure it; if the case be

severe and of long standing, a longer time will be required.

For treatment of the neck, if there is no sore, put round it a cloth

dipped in hot vinegar, and a good poultice of bran or moist hot bag

round over this. Put this on for half-an-hour before rising in the

morning. After taking them off, rub with warm olive oil, and wipe that

off gently. Put a single band of fine new flannel round the neck for

the day. If there be suppuration, or running sores, treat in the same

way unless the vinegar prove painful, when it may be weakened with

water until comfortable. This treatment will, we know, cure even a very

bad case of tubercular glands. See Wounds.

There are men so skilful in medicine that they can aid wonderfully in

such cases, and surgeons so apt at operating that they too, can do much

good. But we should not for a moment think of leaving patients to

depend on what can be swallowed, or what lancet and probe can do, when

the very sources of life itself are neglected, and cures waited on for

months that may be secured in a week or even less. Above all, when you

know how to do it, infuse new life in the body, and promote the

throwing off of that used-up matter which is showing itself in the

disease. How many parents bow down before the idea that swollen glands

are constitutional to their children, when the fact is that these

children have very fine skins, and need to have these kept in extra

good order, not merely in the way of washing, but so that they shall

perform their part of throwing off this used-up material of the body

efficiently. Some of the most beautiful of our race are thus lost to

the world when they might easily be saved.

In some cases swollen glands are caused by bad teeth, running from the

EAR (see), sores or insects on the head, or inflamed tonsils. If such

causes are present, they should be removed. Extract bad teeth, cure

running ears, and properly cleanse the head. Gargle the throat for

swollen and inflamed tonsils with warm water, in which a little salt is