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Hooping Cough

Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

According to my experience, though this disease may not be entirely

arrested in its course, and not generally much abridged in its duration,

still the use of appropriate medicines will greatly modify it, and

render it a comparatively trifling affection.

In treatment, give at the commencement of the attack _Bell._ and _Phos.

acid_ alternately every twelve hours for a week, then once in six hours,

and if the child should take cold so as to bring on fever, give one

every hour. Continue these, as above directed, for the first two or

three weeks, then, in their stead, after the cough becomes loose, and

the patient vomits easily, give _Copaiva and Ipecac_ in the same manner

as directed, for the two former remedies.