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Intestinal Putrefaction

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Sources: Disturbances Of The Heart

The most successful procedure in the management of intestinal

putrefaction is to remove meat from the diet absolutely. Laxatives

in some form are generally indicated, and one of tile best is agar-

agar. Of course aloin and cascara are always good laxatives, with an

occasional dose of calomel or saline, if such seem indicated. Some

of the solid hydrogen peroxid-carrying preparations (magnesium

peroxid, calcium peroxide
Footnote: See N. N. R., 1916, p. 232])

have been advised as bowel antiseptics, but they are not more

successful than many of the salicylic acid preparations,' and

perhaps none is more efficient than salol (phenyl salicylate) in a

dose of 0.3 gm. (5 grains), three or four times a day. Washing out

the colon with high injections is often of great value, but should

not be continued too long lest the rectum become habituated to

distention, and bowel movements not take place without an enema.

Lactic acid bacilli, best the Bulgarian, arc often of value in

intestinal fermentation. A tablet may be eaten with a little lactose

or a small lump of sucrose after each meal. Or yeast may be taken in

the forth of brewer's yeast, a tablespoonful in a glass of water,

two or three times a day, or one sixth of an ordinary compressed

yeast cake dissolved is a glass of `eater and taken once or twice a

day. Or various forms of lactic acid fermented milk may be


Any particular food which causes fermentation in the intestine of

the patient should be eliminated from his diet; the patient must be

individualized as to fruits, cereals and vegetables, Nit, as stated

above, meat should ordinarily be withheld for a time at least.