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Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

I shall say but little about this very common and very obstinate

affection. Everybody has a "cure for itch" yet nobody cures it short of

the use of _Sulphur_ in some form. Though the attenuations of Sulphur

may sometimes cure itch, it must be acknowledged that such cures are so

rare in this country, and the time requisite to accomplish it is so

long, as a general rule, that few will trust them.

The most s
ccessful remedy, and the one that will always cure quickly,

if at all, is _Hepar Sulphurus Potassium_, the common Hepar Sulphur

(sulphuret of Potassa) of the shops. To succeed with it most certainly,

let the patient be thoroughly bathed with warm soap suds, _quite

strong_, in a room at the temperature of 90 to 100 deg., continuing the

bathing and _rubbing_ for an hour or more, then dry off the surface with

soft cloths, and apply the _Hepar sul._ with water, at the strength of

thirty drops of the strong alcoholic solution, with a gill of water,

wetting every eruption on the whole surface and let it dry on. This

causes some smarting, but it is effectual; it kills the _acarus_, (itch

animalcule) and in a few days the sores heal, the itching all subsides

immediately. If every pustule has not been touched, those left may

continue to itch, in which case, a second application is necessary.

_Hepar Sul._ should be given internally at the third dilution, for a

month, once a day, after the baths. Avoid greasy food. For the