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Limbs Uncontrollable

Sources: Papers On Health

This trouble is found in the double form;

first, of limbs which will not move when their owner desires to move

them; and, second, limbs moving in excessive jerks when they are not

desired to do so. These cases are often combined, the limbs being rigid

at one time and jerking violently at another. There is no wasting or

unhealthy appearance. We have found this condition caused by excessive

walking, running, and standing
combined with exposure to frequent

wettings. The result is, in essence, that motor power in the limbs is

in excess, while controlling power is defective: the case is indeed

similar to St. Vitus' Dance (see). Bathe the feet (see Bathing

Feet) in hot water, and apply cold towels folded and wrung out of cold

water (but not iced) along the spine. Keep this up for an

hour-and-a-half at a time. By that time the hard rigid feeling in the

limbs will probably have disappeared, but great helplessness will be

felt. You have removed the excess of motor energy, and must now

increase the voluntary energy. This will be accomplished by gently

rubbing the back and limbs with hot olive oil, as in Limbs, Drawn-up.

This treatment, repeated daily, will usually soon cure.