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Menorrhagia Excessive Menstruation

Sources: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

If the menstrual flow is apt to terminate in hemorrhage, it is best to

give general tonic treatments, about three times a week, between the

periods; and during the last four or five days before color is expected

to appear, to take the B D current, medium force, and treat the uterus

directly, once a day, with the uterine electrode P. P., while moving N.

P. over the dorsal vertebrae, about five to eight minutes, at the close

of general tonic treatment.

If there be no hemorrhage, properly, but only too profuse or too

long-continued flow of catamenia, the discharge may commonly be stopped

by one or two treatments, of eight to ten minutes each, with the uterine

electrode, as prescribed above.