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Modifications Of Electricity

Sources: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

In the present stage of electric science, the conviction has become very

general among experimenters that galvanism, magnetism, faradism,

frictional electricity and the electricity of the storm-cloud are, in

their essential nature, one and the same; being diversified in

appearance and effects by the different modes and circumstances of their

development. This conviction has been reached in various ways; but

chiefly, pe
haps, by observing the many analogies between the phenomena

of these several forces, and also by the fact that each of them can be

made to produce or be produced by one or more of the others. But I must

forego any detailed discussion of this matter, since my limits will not

admit of it, and shall assume that these apparently several agents are

but modifications of the same generic force.

There are two other phases or modifications of the electric principle,

as I judge them to be, which are not so generally classed here. I refer

to the forces of animal and vegetable vitality, as viewed in the next