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Sources: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

I have been treating several hundred cases of eruptive fevers during

twenty-one years, and except the one mentioned above (111.) never lost a

patient. I have known similar results, in the practice of other

hydriatic physicians who employed a similar method. I scarcely remember

a bad result of hydriatic treatment undertaken by the parents and

relations of the patient, without the assistance of any physician at

all. I kn
w of several cases of death, in scarlatina, where physicians

attempted to employ Currie's method, without packing; and I have

frequently seen the learning of regular physicians interfere with our

simple practice and produce different results, whilst people without

medical knowledge, by strictly adhering to my prescriptions, would

always be successful. I have been so successful, and am so confident in

the treatment, as described, that I have not only neglected to vaccinate

my children (till last year, when it was done by a friend in my

absence), but that I have sent them to a scarlet-patient to take the

disease, in order that I might be able to treat them myself, and know

them to be protected in future.