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Morning Sickness Of Pregnant Females

Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

The most efficient and certain remedy for this symptom is _Macrotin_. It

should be taken at the first attenuation, a dose before rising in the

morning, and one every six hours during the day, as long as the sickness

is troublesome. It will generally relieve in a few days. If the stomach

is sour use _Pulsatilla_ with the _Macrotin_.

As a _preparation for labor_, a dose (one grain) of _Macrotin_ at the

attenuation given in the morning, and the same of _Caulophyllin_

at evening, is of great service.

Whatever others may think or say in relation to any preparatory

treatment for labor, I have reason to know as well as anything in

medicine be known, that patients treated as here directed, pass through

labor much quicker, frequently in one-fourth the usual time. Their

sufferings are comparatively trifling, and the length of time for

recovery to ordinary health after labor is abridged from three-fourths

to nine-tenths that of former labors. I am quite confident that the

medicines produced this difference.

For _irregularity of labor pains_, and for distressing _after pains_,

the _Caulophyllin_ is specific.

During labor it should be given at the 2d attentuation in about half

grain doses, every half hour, until the pains are regular. Two or three

doses at most, and generally one will suffice.

For the after pains it may be given in alternation with _Ipecac_ or

_Aconite_ if there is flooding, or with _Pulsatilla_ when the flooding

is not troublesome, a dose once in half an hour, until the pains are


For _Rigidity_ of the soft parts and severe, _retarded and long

protracted labor_, where the pains are strong and irregular, and great

pain and exhaustion is experienced on account of the unyielding

condition of the parts, _Lobelia Inflata_ given in drop doses of the tr.

in water, once in twenty minutes, in alternation with _Caulophyllin_ as

above directed, will in a short time produce the proper condition of the

parts, while they render the pains stronger, regular and progressive.

In urgent cases I have given the medicines every 5 or 10 minutes, with

decided benefit.

A Useful Hint to Mothers.

Children push beans, peas, corn, &c., into the nose and ear, causing

much alarm. To remove such a body take a syringe that works tightly, put

the end of the pipe against the bean, shot, or other substance, draw

back the piston so as to _suck_ up the article firmly as the pipe is

withdrawn from the cavity.