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Sources: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

If the disease be general in the system, moving from place to place, or

causing transient acute pains here and there, give general tonic

treatment, three times a week, for several weeks--perhaps a month or

two, provided the case be an old one. This will invigorate the nervous

system and equalize the electric action. Relief will be afforded soon;

but for the sake of cure, the treatment of an old case should be

continued as here directed. If the disease be local, use the B D

current, with as much force as the patient can bear without irritating

painfulness. Treat the affected part, or parts, with P. P., placing N.

P., long cord, upon some approximate healthy part, at a point a little

lower down than the part in pain. The spine, when convenient, is

commonly the best point for it. In treating the painful part, pass the

electrode more or less also over the nerves adjacent to the one

principally affected. Treat five to eight minutes daily.