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Sources: Papers On Health

In serious cases of this trouble, the patient awakes some

time before he gains any power whatever to move, feeling held as in a

vice. But in common instances, the attack is entirely during sleep, and

accompanied by frightful dreams. A heavily-loaded stomach, pressing on

the solar plexus of the nerves, is a very common cause. The burdened

nerves partially cease action, and this gives rise to the trouble.

Anything simila
ly affecting these organic nerves will cause it also;

but if the stomach be at fault, reduce the food and let the last meal

be light and not later than six o'clock. This followed by a cup of hot

water, before going to bed, will work a perfect cure. When it is feared

there may be an attack, lying on the face in bed will often prevent

it, even if the patient so lies for a very short time, and then turns

on the side again.

When students, or school children, are over-driven (see Children,

various articles), nightmare, very persistent, is one of the symptoms.

In such cases, there is urgent need of rest, or most serious

consequences may follow. Treat as recommended in Depression, and if any

nervous troubles show themselves, treat as in various articles on nerve

affections. Bad dreams, especially with children, are a sure sign of

something wrong with the health, and should always lead to

investigation, that their cause may be found and removed.