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Nursing Sore Mouth

Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

Sore mouth of nursing women, as the name of the disease indicates, is

peculiar to women who are suckling children. It is an inflammation of

the mouth, tongue and fauces, which sometimes comes on during pregnancy,

several months or but a few days before the birth of the child. It

generally, however, makes its first appearance when the child is a few

weeks old, and sometimes not till after the lapse of several months. In

some cases the tongue and inside of the mouth ulcerate, and the

irritation extends to the stomach and bowels, producing distressing and

dangerous inflammation of these parts, with severe and obstinate


For the sore mouth, before diarrhoea begins, give _Eupatorium Aro._

and _Hydrastin_, in alternation, a dose once in three hours, and wash

the mouth with the same, each time. After the diarrhoea occurs, use

_Podophyllin_ with the other medicines, giving them in rotation, three

hours apart. It is best to give a dose of _Podophyllin_ night and


I have treated very bad cases of this disease that had been running for

more than a year, and been treated with the ordinary remedies directed

in the Homoeopathic authorities without any permanent benefit, curing

them perfectly in ten days with _Podophyllin_ and _Leptandrin_, giving

them in alternation at the 1st attenuation in half grain doses, at

intervals of from four to eight hours according to the frequency of the

evacuations. These two remedies are almost certain to arrest _Chronic

Dysentery_ where there is ulceration of the lower portion of the rectum,

a peculiar distress felt at the stomach just before stool, with _sudden_

rush of the evacuations and inability to control the inclination even

for a few minutes, with a feeling of faintness after the stool.

_Leptandrin_ is the specific for the Dysentery that often succeeds

cholera, and these two, _Pod._ and _Lept._, are almost certain to

relieve the "Mexican Diarrhoea," as well as that connected with the

fevers along the Mississippi river.