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On The Treatment By Eschar And Poultice

Sources: Application Of The Lunar Caustic In The Cure Of Certain Wounds And Ulcers

In many cases in which it is impossible to adopt either the mode of

treatment by the adherent or the unadherent eschar, it is of great

utility to apply the caustic first and then a cold poultice made

without lard or oil: this plan is particularly useful in cases of

punctured wounds attended by much pain and swelling, and in cases of

recently opened abscesses. By this application the pain and swelling

are much subdued a
d a free issue is secured for the secreted fluid;

and in no case have I seen the original inflammation increased by it.

It is generally necessary to repeat the application of the caustic

every second or third day, or every day if the inflammation and

swelling of the part be considerable, and the cold poultice may be

renewed about every eight hours. At length, however, the inflammation

having subsided, the attempt may be made to form an adherent eschar.

I have seen many cases, in which, by this mode of treatment, much

suffering and perhaps the loss of some of the smaller joints have been

prevented, particularly cases of deep seated inflammation of the

fingers, which, having been neglected, have issued in severe

inflammation, abscess, and terrible fungous growths. In these cases it

is not only necessary to apply the caustic to the surface of the sore,

but in every cavity or orifice which may be formed by the disease.