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Prejudice Of Physicians Against The Water-cure

Sources: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

The greatest, and the most serious, difficulty lies in the prejudice of

physicians against the Water-Cure. This prejudice, although in the

treatment of the diseases before us, it is founded on no other reasons

but ignorance, lack of courage and the habit of travelling the old

trodden path--the same _regular path_ which thousands and millions have

travelled not to return--neither you, dear reader, nor I, shall be able

conquer by words. But we may succeed by actions. Take the matter in

your own hands, before it is too late. Do not plead your want of

knowledge and experience: a whip in the hand of a child is less

dangerous than a double-edged sword in the hand of a fencing-master. I

have known many a mother to treat her child for scarlet-fever, measles,

small-pox, croup, &c., after my books, or after prescriptions received

in Graefenberg and other hydriatic establishments, and I scarcely

remember a case of accident, whilst those treated in the usual mode by

the best physicians would die in numbers. I repeat it: there is no

danger in the _wet-sheet pack_, and should a patient die under the

treatment prescribed by me, you may be sure, he would not have lived

under any other mode of treatment.