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Rubbing Sheet Substitute For The Half-bath

Sources: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

It cannot be difficult to procure a wash-tub. Should you be so situated,

however, as not to be able to procure even this, you will be compelled

to make shift with a _rubbing sheet_. For that purpose, a sheet and a

pail of water are all you need. The sheet is wetted in the pail and

slightly wrung out. The patient steps on a piece of oil-cloth or carpet,

and you throw your wet-sheet over him and rub, as before indicated. When

the sheet is warm, you dip it in the pail again, and repeat the process,

and thus you go on, till the patient is sufficiently cooled.

If you can have two pails of water, it will be better than one, as the

water becomes warm after having changed the sheet a couple of times.