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Sources: Papers On Health

When the nervous system is in a certain state, all

impressions on it are exaggerated, and the patient suffers from light

sounds, and various irritations, far more than is usual or healthy.

This state makes treatment difficult, because either cold towel or hot

flannel distresses the sufferer, and by this does more harm than good.

Narcotics only do harm, without any good, and leave the patient worse.

The ne
vous system may in such cases be soothed by soaping the back

with soap lather (see Lather; Soap). The lather is to be blood heat,

and very soft and creamy. Spread it all over a soft cloth as large as

the back (having first warmed the cloth), and then place it gently on

the back, lather side next the skin. Let this be done at bedtime.

Fasten the cloth on the back with a bodice that will fasten closely,

and let the patient sleep on it. Wash off in the morning with warm

vinegar and water half-and-half. Rub with oil and dry off. Let the

patient take twice a-day, for eight days, a teaspoonful of well-boiled

liquorice and a tablespoonful of hot water. This treatment will usually

abate the sensitiveness in a week or so, and bring the patient within

reach of other remedies. For example, it will, after a week or so, even

in very trying cases, be possible to foment the feet and legs once a

day, and rub them with warm olive oil. It will even be possible and

well to foment with a hot blanket across the haunches, and in this way

to bring on comparatively strong health. Change of air and scene will

then be desirable: it is highly refreshing to one who is in the way of

recovering, though only harassing to one who is feeling despondent and

increasingly ill. We generally, when asked if a "change" would not be

good in such cases, reply, "Yes, if once you have got health enough to

enjoy it." When that has been fairly secured, stronger measures may be

used with advantage. We feel much sympathy with those who suffer from

sensitiveness, as so many do, and earnestly pray that these remarks may

be blessed to such sufferers.